Custom Cabinets

We offer a wide range of customizations so you have full control over the materials, finishes, dimensions, and storage features, ensuring that the cabinets perfectly complement your space and match your style. 

Custom Trim

Our process involves working closely with our customers to understand their needs and preferences. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and ability to work with a wide range of materials. 

Custom Built-Ins

Our built-ins are seamlessly integrated into your home’s architecture by matching the existing style, materials, and finishes of your space, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. This integration can enhance the overall aesthetics of your home and increase its value.

The duration for constructing custom cabinets relies on several factors, including Artisan’s ongoing projects and the project’s size. On average, the turnaround time ranges from 8 to 10 weeks starting from our initial meeting to the completion of the project. 

To ensure that your custom cabinets match the existing decor in your home, we provide wood samples that you can take home to review. There are a wide range of options when it comes to colors for your cabinets; we can take any Sherwin Williams color and use it as a lacquer or use any color of wood stain and/or glaze.

The process for designing and building custom cabinets typically involves the following steps:

  1. Consultation: We’ll meet with you to discuss your needs, preferences, and budget for the project.
  2. Design: Based on the consultation, we’ll create a design plan for the custom cabinets, including the materials, dimensions, and style.
  3. Approval: We’ll review a 3-D rendering of the design plan with you and make any necessary revisions.
  4. Fabrication: We’ll begin building the cabinets using the approved design plan and materials.
  5. Installation: Once the cabinets are complete, we’ll install them in your home.

Throughout the process, we’ll communicate with you to ensure that your needs and expectations are met. The timeline for the project will depend on the size and complexity of the project, as well as our workload.

Yes! We provide a one-year craftsman warranty that covers issues such as warped wood, cracked wood, and delaminated wood, among other potential damages. Additionally, we offer a one-year warranty specifically for hardware, including drawer slides, hinges, and similar components. It’s important to note that our warranties do not cover sun-fading or damage caused by personal handling or misuse.